Iceland in April


Every time I travel, I try to write some kind of travel diary that I update daily, describing where I went and what I saw that day. This time I decided not to do it, mostly because I was in Iceland less than 2 years ago, so the plan would be very similar.

It was my third time in Iceland. Just like most people do, my first two visits happened during the summer, to maximize my chances of getting good weather…and in that country, that’s never a certainty. However, I always wanted to go earlier in the year so I could experience the other side of the island. A side dominated by snow and cold weather. It’s not that easy to deal with it but we are rewarded by completely different landscapes and that will make completely different pictures. I ended up being lucky with the weather, not getting that much rain during my week there.

So there you have it. A sample of pictures that makes a good visual diary of my stay in the country. I hope you like them.