The Photographer


Photography has been present in my life since I remember. After shooting with film for a few years, I had to deal with the transition to digital, with all the little and not so little problems that came with it.

My images are real. When I say they are real, it means that I don’t over process the files, I don’t remove things that were there, I don’t add things that weren’t there. I don’t do overcooked HDR, I don’t blend several exposures. On the rare occasions I do use HDR, is just a way to replace ND filters, usually due to the bad weather, but always to try to create a picture that it’s as close to reality as possible, not to create an alternative reality. I’m not saying that this is the right way or wrong way to do photography. It’s just my way to create.

Travel photography is my passion. It puts together the two things I like the most. I’ve been lucky to travel to dozens of countries and come back home with pictures that try to show the best of each place I visit. My photography is positive. I try to show the bright side of things, the good things. That’s the reason why I could never be a photo journalist.

My name is Mauricio Matos and I live in Viseu, a city in the north of Portugal.

If you’re interested in buying any of my photos, please contact me. Most of them are available for purchase both as prints and as high resolution digital files.